Disability Access -The School Years
Answers for Tribal Members with Disabilities & Their Families
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Should these students attend their own IEP meetings?
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Should their parents attend?YES!

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Do you want to have a say in what it is you are supposed to learn this year? Do you want to give your opinion on whether you should be in a regular class or a special school? Do you think you need physical therapy or speech therapy or a tutor? Do you want to have a chance to ask for the things you need?

Click here for a page on how students can run their own IEP meetings. Now, we thought this page was good, but we also know many people on the reservation who would not feel very comfortable running their own IEP meeting. Guess what - you can invite anyone you want to attend your IEP meeting! That is important because most people have at least one family member or friend who has no problem speaking up. You know, your cousin who always stands up to everybody? You can bring her with you!

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