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There are several options in the Caring for Our People site to learn more about specific disabilities.

bookshelf Web pages on Specific Disabilities in the Virtual Library cover common disorders including Alzheimer's, epilepsy and fetal alcohol syndrome. All of these are on the Caring for Our People CD-ROM so you can access these even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Fact sheets on specific disabilities - short, usually two to four pages. These are all copy-right free. Teachers and other staff members can print these out to give to parents. Members of community groups are welcome to distribute these for public awareness.

Links to websites on specific disabilities. There are tens of thousands of websites, some very medical, some very personal. We reviewed as many as we could and those we recommend are included here.

Links to websites of national organizations. If you cannot find the specific disability you are looking for in any of these other sources above, you cannot almost certainly find information in these sites like the National Organization for Rare Diseases, Global Village, and others.


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