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Now that I know a child has a learning disability, what can I do?
There is not, of course, one simple answer to that question. A quick search of the Internet will find many promised cures, from visual training to special diets to glasses with colored lenses. There is no proof that any of these "cures" work.

The testing done for diagnosis of a learning disability will give information on the student's specific strengths and weaknesses. An individualized education plan should be developed that will address the student's strengths and weaknesses. Most students with learning disabilities will be taught in a regular classroom all or part of the day. Most will also receive tutoring from a special education or resource room teacher. Individual Education Plans are discussed in great detail in the Caring for Our People workshop for special education.

One reason parents, and students, should attend IEP meetings is to have some say in the changes in the educational program that are made to meet the student's needs. A few common examples of modifications made to help students with learning disabilities succeed are:

  • Students with reading difficulties may receive their textbooks on tape. This is a free service from the state library.
  • Students may be allowed extra time to complete written tests.
  • Students may complete tests orally.
  • Students may receive instruction on improving organizational and metacognitive skills. (Metacognitive skills are thinking about how one thinks about or solves a problem.) The Landmark Study Skills System is one of a large group of methods which focus on improving organizational and metacognitive skills of students.

The exact modifications will depend on the student. Read the newsletter below for many, many more examples.

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Newsletter on classroom modifications for students with learning disabilities

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