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The very beginning: You may have a lot of questions. Who can help me? What are these people talking about? Here are some basic answers.

There are a lot of places for families of people with disabilities to find assistance. Sometimes, the hard part is finding out where they are. Who can help you? Well, that kind of depends on what it is that you need.

blue button Money for living expenses, help getting a job or health care - these are often very big concerns. Click here for a page with phone numbers and websites that offer financial resources
blue button Disability Services Division - part of the North Dakota Department of Human Services. The division is responsible for policy and program development, oversight, and delivery of service in these two areas. Developmental disabilities staff arrange for support and training for individuals and their families. Vocational rehabilitation staff assist people with disabilities to obtain employment and provide rehabilitation services to increase their independence. Although this page contains information for North Dakota, every state has an office like this one.
blue button Equipment for people with physical and learning disabilities
blue button Learn the language: Families will often hear a lot of terms that need explanation. The average person doesn't know an IFSP from FAPE from an IPE from FAS. Here is a page that gives explanations of common terms families will need to know.
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