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Resources in the State Human Services Department

Disability Services Division

Phone: (701 328-8930 Address: Disability Services Division
North Dakota Department of Human Services
TTY: (701) 328-8968 Developmental Disabilities Suite 1A
Toll Free: 1-800-755-8529 600 South Second Street
(Disability Services Division) Bismarck, 58504-5729



The Disability Services Division includes a developmental disabilities unit and a vocational rehabilitation unit. The division is responsible for policy and program development, oversight, and delivery of service in these two areas. Developmental disabilities staff arrange for support and training for individuals and their families. Vocational rehabilitation staff assist people with disabilities to obtain employment and provide rehabilitation services to increase their independence.

We Serve: Individuals with all types of disabilities including: mental retardation or closely related conditions, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illness, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, or sensory deficits (severe Hearing or vision impairments).


  • Adult day service
  • Assistive technology
  • Case management
  • Client assistance
  • Disability determination
  • Employer services
  • Employment programs
  • Family support services
  • Independent living support
  • Residential services
  • Services for the visually impaired

Individuals can access these services through developmental disabilities or vocational rehabilitation specialists located at the regional human service centers.

More information on state services can be found at the North Dakota Department of Human Services website pages on Developmental Disabilities Services.

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