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Child in wheelchair, dressed for snowInformation on specific disabilities

National Organization for Rare Diseases- If you still did not find information you were searching for on a specific disability here, this website has information on over 1,000 rare diseases. If you, a family member or someone else you care about has a rare disease, you MUST go to this website. Living in a rural community, you may have the only child with Batten Disease, This website has information on over 1,000 rare diseases. You can find reports, fact sheets, brochures and support groups. Their research briefs are highly recommended reading.

Global Village has it. If you can't find information on the specific disability here on our website, it is almost guaranteed that Global Village has it. Click here to go to their card catalog. Some of their fact sheets are pretty technical and full of medical terms. However, if you could not find information anywhere else, they seem to have at least something on every disability on earth.

Autism Society of America has everything on Autism and also seem to be very active advocates for people with this disability.

Deaf-blindness - This site, from the state of Montana, provides information on early development, communication and education for people who are both visually impaired and hearing impaired.

This is the end of our workshop but we are sure, not the end of your questions.

Still searching? Not sure what you're looking for but want to learn more? We update our Virtual Library and Commons Area weekly and, more often, daily. Come back often and email us any time.

fireplace burning Commons Area : A place to share experiences for people in tribal communities who provide disability services. You will find newsletters, virtual field trips, tips from people with disabilities, staff and families on our bulletin board and a forum where questions are asked and answered.

bookshelf The Virtual Library: We know how few and how small reservation libraries tend to be. Here we have collected library resources related to disability for you to read and download. Everything here can be downloaded for free.


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