Caring for Our People with Disabilities and Health Care Needs
IDEA - Where to Learn More

Wrightslaw - is a website on special education law. They offer articles on the latest legislation, and, as you can see from the quote below, are not reluctant to give their opinions, as you can see from the excerpt below from one of their articles.

"Avoid Three-Year IEPs Like the Plague.The three-year IEP was the dumbest idea Congress came up with when they reauthorized IDEA 2004. Determining a child’s unique academic, developmental and functional needs, developing measurable annual goals, determining how these goals will be met, how the child’s progress will be measured, and how the parents will be advised of their child’s progress at regular intervals is difficult enough when only done once a year.
Anyone who thinks that parents and school personnel can develop an IEP that will meet a disabled child’s needs for three years is ignorant about child development and education. Fortunately, three year IEPs are a pilot program that will be available in no more than 15 states. ... If your state submits a proposal and is approved for the three year IEP pilot program, the IEP team must obtain your consent before they develop a three-year IEP. Do not grant consent."

National Disability Rights Network is a national network of organizations that enforce rights of people with disabilities. They have information on the latest course cases, for example, the current argument from the state of Georgia that they should have to comply with ADA requirements. They also have an enormous number of links to just about any website that has any relationship with disability rights.

Houghton-Miflin's summary of special education legislation. We usually don't include commercial sites, however, this site is free to access. It is part of the student resources offered by their college division. It did not have an article on the 2004 law when we last checked, but it does have well-written summaries of all of the other important pieces of legislation.

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